Voice control module for Raspberry Pi now available from Conrad Business Supplies: universal assistant for smart factories


Intelligent module for voice control of systems and connected applications

Talking Pi from Joy-it is an intelligent open source speech control wizard serving as an extension to the Raspberry Pi. The module, now available from Conrad Business Supplies, allows the control of lights, individual sockets or devices by voice command. Talking Pi is equipped with a bracket holding 433MHz radio modules. With this and the integrated motor control, the range of applications can be extended significantly.



Furthermore, it is possible to address devices and circuits via Raspberry Pi’s GPIO interface. This results in a vast array of application options, compared to products previously available on the market. Volker Bode, Head of Sales at Joy-It, explains: “In conjunction with the Talking Pi voice control extension module, Raspberry Pi and voice input now can be used as a universal assistant for smart factories as well as for industrial controls. Thanks to its flexible configuration options, application possibilities of this unique combination are virtually unlimited.”



The expansion module is compatible with Google Home, among others. Another highlight of Talking Pi is the microsecond-accurate 6-channel servo PWM control for robots or robot arms. With the use of jumpers, the module is switchable between GPIO and an additional servo PWM unit. The intelligent open-source concept also makes the module a promising and flexible extension for any smart home or smart factory system. Talking Pi offers a stereo microphone on an additional board. The integrated I2S sound output driver allows connection of a 3W speaker. A soon available additional module will allow connection of another speaker and therefore stereo sound output. For servomotors, an integrated 5V barrel connector is available. The small dimensions of only 64x10x54mm (width x height x depth) allow installation in various enclosures or integration into existing applications.



The expansion module is compatible with the Raspberry Pi types 2 B, 3 B, B+ and A+.