Volta Power Systems secures new Holland facility



Volta Power Systems has secured a new facility to meet growing demand for their lithium ion power systems. The new 7,800-square-foot manufacturing space is located at 11253 James Street in Holland.

Volta Power Systems manufactures turn-key lithium ion energy storage systems for recreational vehicles, marine applications, and specialty commercial vehicles like bucket trucks. The energy systems use tested, automotive-grade lithium ion technology to provide more energy with less noise, space, weight, and charging time than traditional methods.

Volta previously leased office space from their business partners, Inline Electric, but growing demands for manufacturing pushed Volta to expand into a new facility. The new space will house the manufacturing and management of Volta and allow room for continued production growth.

"Holland is a leader in lithium ion manufacturing," Johnson said. "We're proud to be a part of such dynamic and growing industry and excited to continue our growth in Holland."

In addition to moving to the new facility, Volta plans to add four new positions to their team in 2017. Positions will include assembly and chemical engineers.

"We're excited about the move and our growth," Jack Johnson, cofounder of Volta Power Systems said. "It validates that we made the right choice two years ago, to take a leap of faith and leave our long-held positions in the industry to provide lithium ion energy solutions to small and midsize businesses."

Volta Power Systems