WAGO DIN-Rail DC Current Sensors



WAGO Corporation's new Feedthrough Current Sensors continuously measure DC currents to optimize photovoltaic (PV) energy production. Via serial connection, the 789-620 (0-80A DC) and 789-621 (0-140A DC) sensors transmit data with an accuracy of 0.5% (full scale value). This can be used to quickly identify defective or damaged PV modules, bolstering performance and reliability. Equipped with dual RJ-45 interfaces, the sensors transmit data via RS-485 serial communication lines up to 4000 feet. Thirty-two Current Sensors can reside on one line for connection to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM or PC as a MODBUS Slave. The 789 Series feedthrough configuration eliminates the need to terminate conductors, simplifying commissioning. Both models are addressable via on-unit DIP switch and feature an operational status LED. Engineered for harsh environments, the sensors operate in temperatures of -20°C to +70°C. Shine On: The 789 Series Sensors join WAGO's solar portfolio, which includes solar tracking for PV and concentrated solar applications via WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM. 828 Series lever-operated, feedthrough terminal blocks serve solar inverters. WAGO solar applications include 758 Series IPCs managing solar energy for Tûranor PlanetSolar. The catamaran is attempting to be the first solar-powered global circumnavigation via vessel: www.planetsolar.org WAGO is the leader in spring pressure connection technology that eliminates loose wires resulting from vibration and temperature cycling, while providing highly reliable, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free connections. Products: DIN-rail, PCB and chassis mount terminal blocks; signal conditioners; the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and more. For additional information, visit www.wago.us