WAGO's latest DC/DC converters offer a slim profile



787-28xx Series next-generation DC/DC Converter

WAGO's 787-28xx Series next-generation DC/DC Converters pack a host of enhanced features and multiple approvals into a slim 6 mm profile. 787-28xx converters are ideal when only one power supply will be installed in the control cabinet and an additional voltage supply is required.

EPSITRON DC/DC Converters feature:
• Jumpering compatibility with the 857 and 2857 Series JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioners and Relays
• 6 mm slim profile saving space in the control cabinet
• Compelling price/performance ratio
UL and GL approvals allow these new DC/DC Converters to be used worldwide for applications across multiple industries including machinery and plant manufacturing, shipbuilding and traffic engineering.