Weidmüller OMNIMATE device connection and housing tech now available from TTI



Weidmüller OMNIMATE high-performance Power PCB connector

TTI, a leading specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components, is now offering device connectivity specialist Weidmüller’s OMNIMATE technology in Europe, including OMNIMATE Signal, OMNIMATE Power and OMNIMATE Housings. This wide product range is modular and flexible, suits diverse applications in many product sectors, and offers ease of design-in as well as manufacturing.

OMNIMATE Signal’s wide range includes extremely compact PCB terminals and plug-in connectors and is optimised for space-saving application-oriented design and efficient time-saving SMT production. Intelligent locking concepts combined with high performance enable application-specific solutions to be created. THR and SMD components ensure high productivity levels during the reflow soldering process.

Power electronics applications evolve constantly and quickly, which increases the demands on connection systems. Weidmüller OMNIMATE high-performance Power PCB connectors, terminals and feed-through terminals are standard-compliant to IEC 61800 for speed-controlled drive technology. Application-orientated and highly reliable, OMNIMATE Power products achieve 600V in accordance with UL standards. The range includes application-specific connectors for motor connections with shield support.

The broad OMNIMATE range of universal housings is modular and flexible, to deliver an individual design optimized for each customer application. Housings have maximum layout area and maximum installation space. The PCBs in OMNIMATE housings offer the maximum exterior dimensions for fully automatic reflow processability. The range features a patented universal DIN rail system bus to ensure power is supplied, connected and distributed with ease.