Weidmüller OMNIMATE device connectors and terminals now at Astute Electronics



The OMNIMATE range of PCB terminals, PCB plug-in connectors and feed-through terminals for industrial applications from device connectivity specialist Weidmüller is now available from Astute Electronics, the leading supplier of electronic components and value added services. This comprehensive product family includes OMNIMATE Signal, a wide range of terminal and plug-in connectors for compact connection systems with up to 72 poles, and OMNIMATE Power PCB terminals, plug-in connectors and feed-through terminals for high currents up to 232A and voltages up to 1000V (IEC) or 230A at 600V (UL).

OMNIMATE Signal consists of PCB terminals and plug-in connectors in all common pitches. The range is optimised for space-saving application-oriented design and efficient time-saving SMT production. Terminals offer economical, direct PCB connection and are available in a number of different series from clamping-yoke screw connections to Push In spring cage connections for universal use in all standard pitch sizes from 3.50mm. The compact, multi-layer designs have up to 72 poles.

OMNIMATE Power PCB Connectors and Terminals are standard-compliant, application-orientated and highly reliable. OMNIMATE Power PCB connectors offer a scaleable solution from compact 4mm² connections for 29A (IEC) to 20A (UL) up to 16mm² connection for 76A (IEC) or 54A (UL) applications. They are suitable for unrestricted use up to 1000V (IEC) or 600V (UL). A number of mounting options are available. OMNIMATE Power PCB Terminals offer a heavy-duty direct connection for the highest current and voltage requirements (up to 150A/1000V (IEC) or 127A/600V (UL) in all power electronics applications. Again, the range is scaleable for flexibility with cross sections from 16mm² to 50mm².

Weidmüller’s OMNIMATE range of housings is flexible and cost-effective and suits standardized electrical cabinet applications. Within the OMNIMATE housing range, the CH20M product series offers a solution for high specification applications, including machine safety and high-performance signal convertors.

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