WiBotic and GaN Systems Bring ‘True Autonomy’ to Mobility


Partnering with GaN Systems, WiBotic is providing ready, off-the-shelf solutions integral to charging the rapidly growing robotics ecosystem.

The partnership advances capabilities of mobile industrial robots, freeing them from limitations imposed by current restricted charging methods that allow for continuous operation. For mobile robots to work efficiently, flexibly, and without interruption - they need to achieve true autonomy with wireless charging stations rather than requiring an operator to make a physical connection.

GaN power semiconductors enable the autonomous wireless charging these conditions require by operating at a high switching frequency. This delivers high power capability with the spatial freedom (large air gaps) needed in the design of charging systems that require no human intervention.

WiBotic’s, off-the-shelf, fully automatic, and highly intelligent wireless power system includes components that incorporate GaN Systems’ award-winning technology to enable very high efficiency levels. The systems allow:

Rapid charging at hundreds of watts and greater.

Autonomous charging at multiple locations and multiple times per day without having to spend time docking.

Greater robot uptime, which means fewer robots are needed to complete the same amount of work.

No cords and moving parts, so there is no limit on the number of charge cycles a system can deliver.

“GaN provides high reliability and when coupled with wireless power systems from WiBotic, the technologies provide an extremely robust and reliable system that never wears out,” says Ben Waters, WiBotic CEO and co-founder. “We chose GaN Systems as a strategic partner because of its unique and best-in-class GaN technology. The result of this partnership is new wireless power solutions that offer higher power delivery across a wide range of applications.”

“Our partnership with WiBotic underscores how wireless charging solutions using GaN technology are changing the world. GaN power semiconductors, operating at high frequency, are enabling several wireless charging advantages from higher power capability to significant level of spatial freedom that are needed in multiple industries,” adds Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems.