Wildcat unveils advanced electrolyte for BEV, PHEV, and start/stop vehicle systems



Wildcat Discovery Technologies, a technology company using high-throughput methods to develop improved battery materials, is pleased to announce the discovery of its new SuperTemp electrolyte technology. SuperTemp reduces cell impedance (ASI) by 40% at low temperatures of -25oC and by 30% during 60oC high temperature storage tests.

SuperTemp is a collection of promising electrolyte formulations that improve both low and high temperature performance. The electrolytes were discovered as part of a large screening effort involving thousands of electrolyte formulations in NMC cathode-based cells. Target applications include 12V start-stop batteries as a means for under hood vehicle cost reduction.

Said Dr. Dee Strand, Wildcat's Chief Scientific Officer, "Finding an electrolyte formulation that reduces low temperature area specific impedance without negatively affecting other attributes like high temperature storage has historically been difficult. Our new SuperTemp electrolytes improve performance at both temperature extremes, so we're really excited about this."

SuperTemp has since been validated in large format cells. Importantly, there were no negative impacts on other cell metrics including first cycle capacity, coulombic efficiency, rate performance and importantly, cycle life. While SuperTemp was developed for NMC-based cells for both graphite and LTO anodes, these electrolytes are expected to improve cell performance when used with other popular cathode chemistries too.

Mark Gresser, Wildcat's CEO, commented "Wildcat's accelerated electrolyte development projects are growing rapidly, and represent an important segment of our research. Given the many combinations of variables involved in battery electrolytes, our high throughput approach to research is perfectly suited for the rapid evaluation and discovery of important new materials, as evidenced by this latest announcement of SuperTemp."

Wildcat is interested in licensing SuperTemp and collaborating with industry partners to customize electrolyte solutions.

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