Wind River wins auto award from GENIVI



Wind River®, a leader in embedded and mobile software, is a winner of the Most Valuable Contributor (MVC) award in the Company category from the GENIVI® Alliance. The GENIVI award recognizes companies and individuals who have made outstanding and significant contributions of source code and other assets to the GENIVI Alliance that provide high value and follow standards for code acceptance in the open source and automotive communities. Wind River contributions include source code, the introduction of the Yocto Project™ to the GENIVI standard baseline, and maintainer roles in the Yocto Project GENIVI Baseline Integration Team. Wind River provides ongoing contributions to several GENIVI expert groups, and has previously played an active role in the creation of the GENIVI Compliance program. "In order to keep pace with progressively demanding needs, the auto industry has been increasingly turning towards open source. With automotive systems becoming more complex, the role of software has become even more important," said Georg Doll, vice president of automotive solutions at Wind River. "The MVC award is a major achievement that acknowledges our efforts to help the automotive market reap the benefits of open source. In addition to delivering open source innovation, Wind River provides companies with the confidence that comes with proven commercial-grade technologies and world-class global support and services." "With the automotive industry needing to fulfill expectations coming from the consumer electronics world, auto companies are recognizing that they must innovate faster; and in order to do this, they will need assistance from experts within the ecosystem," said Philippe Gicquel, president of GENIVI Alliance. "From the start, Wind River has been a vital and active member of GENIVI. Their automotive industry expertise and ongoing contributions have helped advance the IVI landscape." The MVC Program was created to increase participation, accelerate GENIVI advancements through contributions, and grow open source community collaboration. The program encourages members to contribute code and services by recognizing participation in GENIVI expert groups, open source development, code generation, and involvement in GENIVI compliance and alliance programs. The GENIVI Alliance is a nonprofit organization committed to driving the broad adoption of an in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) reference platform, and its members include top automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 companies. A founding member of the GENIVI Alliance, Wind River plays a key role in this consortium by developing, integrating, and contributing key automotive middleware components. The Wind River automotive portfolio includes GENIVI-compliant offerings such as Wind River Platform for Infotainment, an IVI platform based on the Yocto Project open source development infrastructure. In addition to GENIVI, Wind River automotive expertise covers a wide range of technologies and solutions, including Android, Tizen IVI, and VxWorks®; tools such as Wind River Diab Compiler; and virtualization and hypervisor technologies. This diverse expertise allows Wind River to support the auto industry in virtually any project. Furthermore, Wind River open source expertise and activities include ongoing support of the Yocto Project. Wind River is a Yocto Project founding member and Gold member of the advisory board, holding key maintainer and technical lead positions. The Yocto Project, hosted by the Linux Foundation, is an open source collaboration project to help developers create embedded Linux-based systems. Both Platform for Infotainment and the latest version of Wind River Linux are based on the Yocto Project open source development infrastructure. Wind River