Wire-to-Wire Connector w/ High Vibration and Heat Resistance



Hirose has developed a low-profile waterproof wire-to-wire connector for demanding automotive, agricultural and construction vehicles. Rated to IP67 / IP69K, the 2.2 mm pitch ZE064W Series is resistant to temperatures up to 125°C.

A double-layer spring, three-point contact design ensures highly reliable connectivity in high vibration & shock conditions commonly found in off-highway and transportation applications. A contact retainer prevents incomplete mating and offers a pull force strength of 50N. Mating keys prevent mis-mating when using multiple connectors.

The ZE064W Series connector provides heat resistance performance up to 125°C producing stable contact resistance for up to 3000 cycles, satisfying engine compartment heat resistance requirements.

Rated to 5A @250 VAC, the connector is designed for a wide range of automotive applications including automotive converter, inverter, battery, on-board charger, ECU and more. In addition to vehicle applications, the ZE064W Series is popular in industrial equipment.

“The space saving ZE064W Series power connector maintains high electrical conductivity in severe environments. The connector is designed for long-term operation even when subjected to fluids, high heat, shock, vibration and more,’’ said Bill Kysiak, Product Marketing Manager for Hirose Electric USA.

The ZE064W Series operates in the environments from -40°C up to 125°C, has a rated voltage of 250V AC.

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