World's First GaN Power Stage w/ Programmable Source Current



GaN Systems announced the release of two 650V half-bridge daughter cards (30A and 60A), which provide an ultra-versatile platform to evaluate GaN drivers and transistors. The evaluation cards are available in two power levels, up to 3kW (GS-EVB-HB-66508B-RN) and up to 6kW (GS-EVB-HB-66516T-RN) and include the Renesas RAA226110 low-side GaN FET driver. These cards are the industry’s first to provide programmable overcurrent protection with adjustable thresholds and programmable source current for adjustable turn-on slew rate.  

These power stage designs can be utilized in a wide range of applications from enterprise 1U power supplies (up to 5kW), high-power density bridgeless totem pole PFCs, PV inverters, energy storage systems, motor drives, and automotive DC/DC converters and onboard chargers. 

Design flexibility, simplicity, and unique features define the evaluation board. It operates with a GaN Systems' motherboard for easy setup and plug-and-play operation. The evaluation card also features integrated VGS regulation at 2MHz fSW and one-of-a-kind functions such as programmable over current protection with adjustable thresholds of 40mV/80mV/120mV and differential current sensing as well as programmable source current for adjustable turn-on slew rate (0.3A, 0.75A, or 2A). 

More information on these evaluation cards can be found at GaN Systems, and information on the Renesas RAA226110 is available here.