Wuerth claims first USB 2.0 Jack with integrated EMC filter



WE-EPLE USB 2.0 Jack

Filter design is tricky, as shown by numerous practical examples, particularly with the USB interface in industrial applications. Wuerth Electronics offers a USB 2.0, type A jack, the WE-EPLE, the first USB jack with an integrated EMC filter and ESD protection. It is pad-compatible with most conventional USB jacks, and the dimensions also stay the same. Existing designs are transformed into EMC- compatible designs in little time.

The integrated EMC filter eliminates broadband interference on voltage and signal lines, and at the same time, is almost invisible for the signal lines.

This means:
-VCC filter impedance above 100Ω in the 20MHz range to an
excess of 1GHz
-Common-mode suppression at 240MHz in excess of 250Ω
-ESD suppression at levels of 10V at level 4 ESD pulses with

The WE-EPLE, USB 2.0, type A jack, is compatible with the USB 2.0 standard.