Wuerth Electronics Midcom's latest offline discontinuous-mode flyback transformers target low-profile power apps



Wuerth Electronics Midcom has introduced a series of offline discontinuous mode flyback transformers targeting low profile power applications. Dean Huumala, Product Marketing Manager for Wuerth Electronics Midcom, said “We have recognized a need in the market for a low profile solution that not only offers good power capabilities, but also meets the offline safety agency requirements.” This particular series meets that need, which while driven by the solid state lighting market, is well suited for any offline power supply.

The series is designed to not only function with universal input voltages but also will meet the safety standards for these same voltages. The series provides power up to 24W with an entire range of output voltages available from 5V to 48V. Able to operate without saturating to frequencies as low as 68kHz, this series makes managing EMI much easier. The series is also available in both surface mount and through- hole configurations. “With this off-the-shelf package style, we are filling a hole in the market that our customers have identified,” said Dean Huumala.

The series is available for sampling immediately with production samples available in September. Both the surface mount and the through-hole versions of this packages style will be added to the next version of Wuerth Electronics Midcom’s custom capabilities catalog and will be available for custom designs.

Wuerth Electronics Midcom