Würth Electronic Components 2020 catalogue


The new “Electronic Components 2020” catalogue is now available, and can be ordered from Würth Elektronik in the print version or downloaded as a PDF.

The 184-page catalogue presents new products and services in the area of passive components, optoelectronics, and power modules. Separate special catalogues are available for many other product categories of Würth Elektronik. All products in the new catalogue are available ex stock. Würth Elektronik is glad to supply free-of-charge samples to support developers in their projects: in connection with the design kits, which can be refilled at no extra charge, they can also be supplied to development labs over their entire product life.

Among the many highlights of the new “Electronic Components 2020” catalogue are the new high-current flat-wire inductors (WE-HCM), multilayer ceramic inductors (WE-MK), and current sense transformers of the WE-CST EE4.4 series. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, these transformers are smaller and better insulated than comparable products available on the market. In the optoelectronics field, the WL-OCPT optocoupler phototransistors and the extensions of the LED range by white LEDs with five different color temperatures deserve particular attention. The new additions to the range of the MagI³C-FDSM family of particularly efficient power modules will surely also whet the appetites of developers and suppliers.