Würth Elektronik joins Wireless Consortium, releasing wireless chokes


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Wireless-power charging-coil series WE-WPC devices are QI compliant.

Würth Elektronik has joined the Wireless Power Consortium and simultaneously released a series of inductors for wireless-power. The wireless-power charging-coil series WE-WPC includes two high-Q components, one size 3737 and one size 5555, both QI-standard compliant. The aim of the Wireless Power Consortium is to work on the development of the QI (pronounced chee) standard. Ninety countries around the world are contributing in this consortium towards pioneering battery-charging technology. The QI standard supports wireless charging stations for mobile electronic devices such as mobile telephones or digital cameras. To ensure that devices and charging stations are mutually compatible, the Wireless Power Consortium's QI standard defines the electromagnetic interface. The consortium includes component and mobile device manufacturers and network operators. Würth Elektronik is currently undertaking the development of special transformers and storage chokes that will be used on both primary and secondary sides. Würth Elektronik Wireless Power Consortium