Würth Elektronik presents WE-TGF thermoconductive gap filler


With its WE-TGF (Thermal Gap Filler) Würth Elektronik now offers a new solution for heat dissipation.

The outstanding feature of the self-adhesive gap-filler material: The non-conductive barrier with a high dielectric strength has a high thermoconductivity index of 1 W/(m*K). The material easily adapts to the differing thicknesses of components on the PCB and fills the gaps between hot electronic components and metal casings or cooling components.

WE-TGF is made of silicone incorporating ceramic particles. For applications in which the PCB is screwed onto a metal plate, the material is also reinforced with a glass-fibre mesh. The thermoconductive gap filler is suited for use e.g. in power electronics, entertainment technology, or in networking devices. WE-TGF is available ex stock in a variety of dimensions and in thicknesses ranging from 0.23 to 5 mm. Developers working in the prototype construction area can request individually cut samples, which are shipped within 48 hours of ordering. Customization comes at no extra charge for the customer.