Würth Elektronik WE-CST EE4.4 current sense transformers


Würth Elektronik expands the product family of WE-CST current sense transformers with the new WE-CST EE4.4 series.

An innovative manufacturing process not only makes these current sense transformers extremely small (4.7 x 4.65, 3.55 mm), but also provides better insulation. Their insulation voltage of 750 VAC, is 50 percent higher than that of market competitors. The WE-CST series type EE4.4 is suitable for a broad range of high frequency applications up to 1 MHz with currents up to 7 A.

Applications for the minute SMT-mountable current sense transformers include AC current measurement, switched mode power supplies, overload detection, load shedding and disconnect detection, metering, load measurement and high frequency current sensing. The current sense transformer displays excellent temperature behavior and is approved for the operating temperature range of -40 to +125°C. WE-CST EE4.4 is available from stock in four different winding ratios from 1:20 to 1:150. Five further variants are set to be added in August. Developers can receive free samples on request. Würth Elektronik does not specify a minimum order quantity.