X-REL Semi's XTR20410 and XTR20810 high-temp families of N-channel power MOSFET has integrated driver



The XTR20410 and XTR20810 product families consist of power N-channel MOSFETs and integrated drivers

X-REL Semiconductor, an innovation leader in high-temperature and high-reliability semiconductors, unveils two new product families targeting power conversion applications in highly demanding markets including aerospace, industrial, hybrid and electric vehicles, transportation, geothermal and oil and gas.


The XTR20410 and XTR20810 product families consist of extremely flexible devices with power N-channel MOSFETs and integrated drivers tailored for use in extreme reliability and high temperature applications, such as DC/DC converters, motor control and power switching.


Matching network optimization between a driver and a power transistor is a difficult and time-consuming task. The XTR20410 and XTR20810 products provide users with a turn-key solution that already matches power transistor and driver inside a single piece of silicon. These products therefore enable faster development cycles and shorter time-to-market than with standard components.


XTR20410 parts may be used as high-side (40V max), low-side, or low-side switch with negative offset (-30V max) on the output stage (SOURCE connected to a negative voltage), while receiving a control input signal referred to GND.


XTR20810 parts are intended to be used as low-side switches, which are able to sustain transient overshoot voltages up to 100V.


As with all of X-REL Semiconductor’s products, the devices in the XTR20x10 families are able to reliably operate from -60°C to well above +230°C (5 years at +230°C). Being operational at high temperatures is essential in applications where the environment is at elevated temperature or where some other device makes the temperature inside the application increase. Additionally, all X-REL Semiconductor products can be used in applications running at lower temperatures (e.g. from 100°C to 200°C) where extended lifetime is expected or where failing is not an option. For example, the expected lifetime of X-REL Semiconductor parts in an application operating at Tj=150°C is over 35 years.


Parts from XTR20410 and XTR20810 families are already available and can be immediately deployed in both niche and large-scale markets in high-reliability compact hermetic or plastic packages, as well as bare dies.





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