XJTAG and IPSES to host boundary scan and functional test workshop in Milan



Boundary scan and functional test workshop in Milan

On Wednesday 18 June, XJTAG will join Italian Technology Partner IPSES to give a free, one-day workshop on the benefits of combining boundary scan with functional testing. The workshop will be held in association with National Instruments Italy, at its Milan headquarters.

While XJTAG is offering a series of its ‘Introduction to Boundary Scan’ workshops across the globe in 2014, this particular event is the first of its kind, examining how using JTAG boundary scan and functional test within the same fixture can produce enhanced results.

The session will focus on combining XJTAG boundary scan with functional test within the National Instruments PXI environment, moving from an overview of JTAG boundary scan and the IEEE 1149.x standard through to full integration of the technologies.

JTAG boundary scan is a technology designed to overcome the physical test access problems posed by medium-high density PCBs. While this technology alone is very effective, it can be made more reliable still when used alongside a more traditional test method such as functional test.

Using the two technologies in conjunction has been seen in many cases to lead to full or near full test coverage on all circuits of the DUT, with faster and more accurate fault diagnosis thanks to boundary scan software. As boundary scan and functional test can be easily integrated into the same fixture via a PXI platform, test sequences can be executed in parallel from the same work station, saving time and effort.

The workshop will be held at National Instruments headquarters in Milan, Italy, on Wednesday 18th June.

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