Yageo high-voltage MLCCs boast exceptional performance at high frequencies



Yageo's high voltage surface mount multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are now available from TTI, a leading specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components. Highly reliable and exhibiting superior performance at high frequency, these MLCCs suit digital consumer electronics, medical and telecoms equipment, industrial controls and drives, LCD panels, test equipment and power switching applications among others. Yageo's high voltage surface mount MLCCs (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor) are suited for bypass and decoupling applications or for frequency discriminating circuits where Q and stability of capacitance characteristics are not critical. They can also be used as snubber capacitors in lighting ballasts and in medical devices to protect lower voltage circuitry from induced transients from external defibrillation. X7R exhibits a predictable change in capacitance with respect to time and voltage and boasts a minimal change in capacitance with reference to ambient temperature. Capacitance change is limited to 15% from -55°C to +125°C. They are used extensively in power supplies for isolation and filtering both DC and AC voltage. They are particularly important in reducing ripple noise and diverting potentially unsafe transients caused by the switching regulator. Yageo's high voltage MLCCs are available in a range of rated working voltages beteen 100V to 3KV and in a wide range of sizes - from 0402 to 1812. They feature high DC withstanding voltage, low leakage current and low ESR at high frequencies. This High Voltage NP0/ X7R Series has lead-free terminations. Operating temperature range is up to 125degC. Yageo's High Voltage NP0/X7R series MLCCs are supplied in tape on reel, and are RoHS compliant and halogen free. TTI