Yageo’s CQ series MLCCs now at TTI



CQ series surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors

Now available in Europe through TTI, a leading specialist distributor of electronic components, are Yageo’s CQ series surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors (SMD MLCCs), also known as high quality factor capacitors (high-Q capacitors). The devices add copper inner electrodes and firing ceramic materials with excellent dielectric characteristics, providing lower dissipation and fewer self-heating problems compared to standard MLCCs.

Benefiting from ultra-low power consumption for mobile telecommunications, low ESR (Equivalent Serial Resistance), low ESL (Equivalent Serial Inductance), and high SRF (Self Resonant Frequency) in the UHF, SHF and microwave frequency bands, CQ series products are suitable for RF applications, including power amplifiers, noise filtering, antenna tuning and impedance matching. They operate in a temperature stable NPO dielectric range from 0201 to 0805 in size and 16V to 250V in narrow capacitance tolerance. Typically used in applications with high frequencies from 500MHz to 10GHz, the components also benefit from a high withstanding voltage.