Zinc Battery Initiative Welcomes Developer of Novel Battery Enhancing Additive



Dr. Josef Daniel-Ivad, manager of the Zinc Battery Initiative

Zinc Battery Initiative (ZBI) welcomes new member Octet Scientific Inc. ZBI’s rapidly growing membership is comprised of leading zinc battery manufacturers as well as developers of products designed to enhance battery capability.

Located in Cleveland, Octet Scientific has created the OctoLyte™ family of electrolyte additive chemistry designed to optimize all zinc battery chemistries by increasing their lifespan as well as enabling them to hold more energy and operate more efficiently. The U.S. National Science Foundation has awarded Octet Scientific more than $1.5 million in grant funding to commercialize its battery research, and the company’s products are being tested at over 20 battery manufacturer sites around the world.

“We are thrilled to welcome Octet Scientific, which has developed effective additives that can improve the performance of all types of zinc batteries,” said Dr. Josef Daniel-Ivad, manager of the Zinc Battery Initiative. “Zinc batteries already are safe, sustainable and long-lasting, and Octet Scientific makes these promising batteries even better.”

Octet Scientific CEO and Founder Dr. Onas Bolton added, “We are delighted to join the Zinc Battery Initiative and promote the adoption of sustainable zinc batteries. Energy storage is diversifying to meet growing demand, so now is the perfect time to partner our innovative electrolyte with the best batteries and make them even better.”   

The International Zinc Association created ZBI in 2020 to promote high-performance, rechargeable zinc battery products. ZBI members produce zinc batteries for a variety of applications, from powering naval submarines and electric vehicles to providing backup power for microgrids, homes, traffic signals and data centers.

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