ZMDI Launches Cost-Effective High-Voltage Line Driver with IO-Link Functionality for Factory Automation Applications



ZMDI AG has announced a cost-effective line driver and level shifter IC with a high-voltage I/O channel that meets the physical layer requirements of sensor and actuator systems used in factory automation applications. The ZIOL2211 is function- and pin-compatible with the ZIOL2401, ZMDI's first member of the IO-Link family, but without smart power and master functionality. This allows designers to pay only for those functions that they require, so they can save cost. ZMDI's new high-voltage line driver is ideal for all kinds of sensors and actuators used in the harsh environment of factory automation applications. It provides a wide range of configurable system features. The IO-Link drivers are fully programmable ranging from slew rate and current settings to diagnostics features. "Since last year's introduction of the ZIOL2401, we have seen a lot of interest for IO-Link products from the market. Responding to customer demand, we developed the ZIOL2211 to complement the ZIOL2401 and thus enable designers to achieve the optimum balance of price and performance," said Bernhard Huber, ZMDI standard products business line manager. ZMDI's existing IO-Link tools also support the ZIOL2211. Using the same IC and development tools for all serial I/O saves design time and shortens time to market. Furthermore, it allows designers to apply a proven design to a new product. Application Kit Support The ZIOL2401 starter and lab kit are suitable for all ZIOL2xxx ICs including the ZIOL2211. The application kit includes an evaluation board and a Windows®-based configuration tool, with a USB interface between the PC and the board. Developers can easily evaluate configurations and save the results. In-system programming via SPI is also supported, allowing full customization after manufacturing. Packaging and Pricing Operating temperature is -40°C to +85°C. The IC comes in a space-saving 4mm x 4mm QFN24 package. An exposed die paddle ensures optimum heat distribution. Unit prices start at EUR 2.11 and USD 2.85, in volumes of 1000 devices. The ZIOL2211 is scheduled for volume production in Q1 2011. Samples will be available in January 2011.