ZMDI semiconductors help save 4.2 billion gallons of fuel


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Adaptable and rugged

December's TV program Environmental Report explored the ways that Dresden based semiconductor design and manufacturer ZMDI has been central in the development of energy-efficient technologies and underscores its role as an industry leader in creating solutions that enable energy-efficient products. A global supplier of analog and mixed-signal designs for the automotive sector ZMDI is committed to providing systems for the automotive market where the global trend is toward cleaner manufacture and more fuel-efficient vehicles. As fuel prices continue to climb and resources become harder to find, ZMDI is playing an important role in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by providing manufacturers of domestic and commercial vehicles with intelligent integrated circuits for lowering gas consumption. The company estimates that its products have helped save over 4.2 billion gallons of fuel, which has prevented the release of 40 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. A company with 50 years of experience providing semiconductors, ZMDI is focused on a greener future, which The Green Organization recognised with an Environmental Best Practice Award in 2012. ZMDI