Dubai Police Hoverbikes Are Impractical at Best

Dubai Police Hoverbikes Are Impractical at Best

And you thought cops riding segways was demeaning.

The S3 2019 Hoverbike, slated for Dubai’s police force, isn’t the most practical crime-fighting technology. Don’t get me wrong – the demo looks badass, but my grandma with two arthritic knees could outrun the thing.

Khalid Alrazooqi, general director of Dubai Police's artificial intelligence department, described the bikes as a "first responder unit used to access hard-to-reach areas," and the hoverbike just might open paths inaccessible to police cars.

But with a top speed of 60 mph and battery life of 10-25 minutes, the hoverbike won’t win any high-speed chases (or sustain one for long). Oh, and the recharge time is two hours.

And safety? Pfff...who needs that? Why chase perps with cars or motorcycles when you can ride a human-sized quadcopter with deadly spinning rotors?

I think one Twitter user nailed it:


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