iOS "Optimized Battery Charging" Could Frustrate you Daily

iOS "Optimized Battery Charging" Could Frustrate you Daily

Close. So very, very close. Apple's latest iOS battery-saver is well-intentioned, but it's just as likely to frustrate as illuminate.
iOS 13 implements something called "Optimized Battery Charging," which is designed to extend the life of your battery by calculating exactly when to fully charge to 100%.

You're probably aware that continually topping off your battery ages it, so "Optimized Battery Charging" is supposed to learn from your daily charging routines and refill the last 20% only when absolutely necessary -- when you charge your iPhone at night, for example, it won't keep it at 100% for hours at a time.

And according to the tester at ZDNet, this feature works as advertised ... to a point. Obviously, it works best if you follow a very orderly, exact routine, with little variation day-to-day. If you go to sleep and wake up at the same times each day and always plug in your device at night, "Optimized Battery Charging" could be a fountain of youth.

But if you don't charge at night, or if you wake up at erratic times, the new feature could vex you with undercharged batteries. I work from home, so I don't follow a normal 9-5 sleep schedule. but more than that, I tend to wake up at disparate times (based on when I conked out, my workload the next day, and pure randomness).

I'm just as likely to wake up with a partially charged battery as see any tangible benefits.
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