Porsche's Electric Pit Stops Could Recharge Their EV in 15 Minutes

Porsche's Electric Pit Stops Could Recharge Their EV in 15 Minutes

The Porsche Taycan.

Before Porsche deploys its first electric car, the Formula E, they want to have the infrastructure in place. The German automaker wants to build 500 pit stops across North America capable of recharging their EV in 15 minutes.

Due next year, the Taycan (aka, the Formula E) will feature two "permanently excited" synchronous electric motors capable of producing more than 440 kW (598 PS; 590 bhp), with a top speed over 155 mph and range of 311+ miles.

It also supports a 350 kW charging rate, which is where Porsche’s “electric pit stops” come in. Their recharge stations will include FlexBoxes, and according to Engadget, the system will include “a transformer, a PowerBox (to convert the transformer's AC power into DC) and a CoolingBox (to liquid cool multiple charging stations).”

And if, for whatever reason, the local power grid isn’t sufficient, the electric pit stops will include Chargeboxes, featuring a 70 kWh to 140 kWh battery pack that can either supply one to two 160 kW charging stations or one 320 kW station with the full 140 kWh battery. At full power, the Chargeboxes can recharge the Taycan in 15 minutes, and Porsche claims their whole system is 95% efficient.

Porsche plans to deploy its charging stations by the middle of 2019 when the Taycan goes into production.

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