This Solar Car Charges as You Drive

This Solar Car Charges as You Drive

Sono Motors' Sion.

A German start-up is testing a solar car that can be charged while you drive. The Sion, from Sono Motors, will reach 18.6 miles through photovoltaics, alone.

The all-electric car includes 330 integrated solar cells throughout its polycarbonate body, with a max range of 155 miles and recharging via conventional power outlets and the sun.

And the Sion can also provide power.

“Using a household plug, all common electronic devices with up to 2.7kW can be powered by the Sion. You can plug in your electronic devices and power them with the Sions battery. Over a type 2 plug the Sion can provide even more power with up to 7.6 kW,” claims Sono on its site.

Like most solar (or solar-electric extended range?) vehicles, the Sion is extremely light, thanks to its polycarbonate exterior, a necessity for any vehicle powered by the sun.

The Sion will arrive sometime next year with a price tag of $18,540, and Sono Motors already has 6,500 pre-orders.

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