Volvo Launches Updated Electric Heavy-Duty Truck with 275 Mile Range

Volvo Launches Updated Electric Heavy-Duty Truck with 275 Mile Range

Volvo Group

Volvo has launched a new heavy-duty truck that ups the electric ante, with higher range and energy storage capacity than their previous model.

We’ve covered the Swedish automaker’s electrified ambitions in the past – their investment in a mobile EV charging company, their all-electric fire truck, and their plans to ditch the internal combustion engine completely by 2030.

Oh, and they’ve also predicted that profit margins on EVs and conventional vehicles will be equal by 2025. Ambitious, to say the least.

And to achieve that electric future, we’ll need a wide assortment of EVs with high energy capacity and/or extensive infrastructure that makes “electric range” a secondary concern.

One of the biggest targets of those electric goals is heavy duty vehicles, which are amongst the greatest energy hogs on the planet.

Volvo has six all-electric heavy truck models, including the VNR Electric, which had an operating range of 150 miles. An enhanced version of the VNR ups the range to 275 miles, with increased energy storage of up to 565kWh.

As for the other pillar of “range anxiety” – recharge time – the updated VNR Electric’s 250kW charging capability provides an 80% charge in 90 minutes for the six-battery package and 60 minutes for the four-battery version.

According to, the enhanced VNR Electric model also includes new configurations like a 6×4 straight truck and 6×4 tractor, along with the 4×2 tractor, 6×2 tractor, and single-axle straight truck.

Addressing the revisions, Volvo Truck’s product marketing manager for electromobility, Andy Brown, noted that, “The electric driveline featuring a two-speed I-Shift transmission provides best-in-class, powerful, and smooth acceleration. Innovations such as Volvo Active Driver Assist and Dynamic Steering make driving effortless and precise, while at the same time improving safety.”