IoT & Smart Cities

May 2022
Meeting Power Management Enhanced Efficiency, Reliability and Safety Requirements

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Figure 1. General Block Diagram of a Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

­Power conversion, isolation and accurate current measurement along with overvoltage/overcurrent circuit protection are necessary elements in a power supply design. Not only are these component solutions needed to help enhance reliability, but they are also required for regulatory compliance to help increase safe
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First Microcontroller Integrated w/ a Secure Subsystem and Arm TrustZone Technology

Application example for the PIC32CM LS60

­Security threats are growing in complexity and causing product development challenges in the Internet of Things (IoT), consumer, industrial, medical and other markets. It is imperative that these products have strong embedded security while also offering low power consumption for longer battery life. Microchip Te
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Sensors First to Achieve Five Years of Accurate Readings With No Calibration
­NevadaNano announced the results of five years of continuous operation for its MPS Sensors. The sensors, manufactured and calibrated in early 2017 have been running continuously for 5 years. During this period there has been no additional calibration, and there has been no deterioration or drift, and de
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