Power Line

January 2013
Emerson Network Power triple-output 45-W supplies carry safety approvals

The NPT43-M and NPT44-M triple-output 45-W power supplies carry comprehensive worldwide safety approvals for IT equipment and non-patient-contact and non-patient-critical medical applications.

Emerson Network Power is offering two new triple-output open-frame AC-DC power supplies, the NPT43-M and the NPT44-M. Extending Emerson's successful NPT40-M series, these new models are suitable for
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New ABB technology to enable future DC grid

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ABB's HVDC grid-simulation center, which the company built to support design development for future DC overlay grid operations.

ABB has announced a breakthrough in the ability to interrupt direct current, solving a 100-year-old electrical-engineering puzzle, and paving the way for a more efficient and reliable electricity-supply
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Octal configurable 1-A buck DC-DCs for multi-rail systems

High-power octal 8 x 1-A buck DC-DC

Linear Technology's LTC3375 is a highly integrated general-purpose power management IC for systems requiring multiple low-voltage power supplies. The device features eight independent 1-A channels
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