Technical Feature (TF) Articles

Technical Feature article must be “Technical Design/Application” focused articles.

Following are the elements of each article needed:


Short snappy description of article

Example: Avoiding Voltage Rail Blind Spots


A secondary or explanatory title

Example: Digital Power System Management (DPSM) allows designers to simplify and accelerate system development


Name, Title and Company and Email address (Will not be published)

Example: Bruce Haug, Sr. Product Marketing Engineer, Power Products, Linear Technology Corporation

Body Copy:

  • 1,200 words (MS Word document)
  • 3-4 figures (Must be separated .JPG files, 300dpi files, not embedded in word document
  • If using equations, supply as separate .JPG files, 300dpi (not embedded in word document)
  • Figures to be referenced in body copy (See Figure 1, etc.)
  • Figure descriptions (Captions) to be included at the end of the word document:
    Example: Figure 1. LTC3886 Schematic Converting 48VIN to 5V/15A & 12V/15A

Footer Copy:

Company Name and URL

Linear Technology