­KYOCERA AVX's SCM Supercapacitor modules – at Rutronik


The supercapacitor modules offer extremely robust components for industrial applications that require high peak performance.




The SCM series is suitable for high-current or industrial applications, including renewable energy generation, grid-connected storage, or the buffering of power peaks.


Thanks to active balancing, the capacitor modules have a stable voltage level in the individual cells installed in the module. They operate individually or in combination with batteries or accumulators. Either they supply energy as a backup or support providing power peaks together with batteries or accumulators. In this case, they often have a positive effect on the service life of the battery or accumulator.


Due to the convincing characteristics of the individual capacitors used, the SCM modules achieve their special pulse load capacity. The combination of very high capacitance and very low internal resistance (ESR) enables a high power density and high efficiency.


The modules are also characterized by a high mechanical load capacity and can withstand high currents, frequent charging and discharging cycles, and strong vibrations. They are designed for operating temperatures from -40 °C to +65 °C and can handle several million cycles, depending on the application. In addition, the modules are lead-free, RoHS-compliant, and meet the UL 810A standard.