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100W, Encapsulated DC-DC Converters Designed for RIA12 Railway Applications


ABSOPULSE Electronics

ABSOPULSE Electronics has recently added the PDR 100R-P99 series to its line of fully encapsulated RIA12 DC-DC converters for railway applications. With an input voltage surge withstand capacity 3.5 times the nominal input voltage for 20ms, the converters meet RIA12 requirements for protection of traction and rolling stock equipment from transients and surges in DC control systems. They have heavy filtering on the input and output and comply with EN50121-3-2. Electronic protection includes 3000Vdc input-output isolation, overload protection, thermal protection and current limiting. The units comply with EN50155.

The 100W converters provide an output of 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc or 110Vdc. They accept input voltages of 24Vdc nominal (15-34V range), 48Vdc (29-67V), 72Vdc (43-101V) or 110Vdc (66-154Vdc). Custom input and output voltages are available. Efficiency depends on input/output configuration and is typically is 85% at full load.

The PDR 100R-P99 railway converters are fully encapsulated with a thermally conductive MIL-grade silicon rubber compound with a UL94V-0 flammability rating. Encapsulation ensures protection from high levels of shock and vibration, moisture, dust and other contaminants. Conduction cooling via base plate to customer heat-sink or chassis and encapsulation enable a -40°C to +70°C cold plate temperature range without derating. The converters are housed in a compact chassis measuring 81 x 66 x 156 mm.


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