A Safer Supply Chain with Vincotech’s Multi-sourced Offering


Vincotech has reiterated the benefits of its practice of sourcing semiconductors from several vendors.

This supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics pointed out that its multiple sourcing strategy goes to protect customers’ business interests by mitigating risks in the supply chain.

Vincotech has qualified all leading manufacturers under an open and flexible vendor policy. This also gives customers the freedom of choice and flexibility to choose the chipset – that is, the combination of IGBT and diode – that best fits the application and its unique requirements. Customers enjoy the benefits of a power module that strikes the best balance of price and performance for industrial and embedded drives and solar, energy storage and EV charger applications.

A simulation tool serves to optimize the switching pair. It draws on a database that holds all the characterization information for each component. This bar chart, for example, shows a comparison of loss breakdown and module cost for various diodes paired with a high-speed IGBT in a motor drive sixpack operating at 16 kHz. In this example, a high-speed IGBT paired with tandem diodes achieves the best/performance ratio.