ABB Software Solution to Improve Outage Response at Major U.S. Utility


Commonwealth Edison Co. implements mission-critical system for Distribution Operations

Zurich, Switzerland - ABB has successfully delivered its latest distribution and outage management systems to ComEd, a unit of Chicago-based Exelon Corporation, the United States’ leading energy provider. The software solution helps ComEd minimize the impact of outages for its customers across northern Illinois.

ABB Ability-based Network Manager distribution management system (DMS) provides real-time monitoring and control, network analysis and optimization as well as outage management capabilities in an integrated software platform. The latest DMS/OMS software integrates information, system status and resources to more accurately predict and locate outages, to efficiently dispatch repair crews and enables ComEd to address the issue. The upgraded software includes a state-of-the-art user interface and an Operator Training System to support personnel training and transition to the new solution.

“In an era of digital transformation, it is critical for organizations to be kept informed in real-time as they manage the grid and ensure reliable power supply to millions of consumers”, said Massimo Danieli, Managing Director of ABB’s Grid Automation business unit, a part of the company’s Power Grids division. “Our ABB Ability based advanced distributed management system can manage large networks like ComEd’s and we continue to add innovative features like new interfaces and advanced applications for faster fault location and remedial action in case of outages.”

"Our customers depend on us every day to deliver energy to their homes and businesses, safely and reliably, regardless of the conditions. The advanced work that we have completed on our energy delivery system has helped ComEd achieve record-breaking reliability,” said Cheryl Maletich, vice president of Distribution Operations at ComEd. “It is best if an outage can be prevented but when one does occur, we want to resolve it quickly, and solutions like ABB’s Network Manager DMS/OMS can help us accomplish that goal.”