ABB Switchyard Adds 200 MW of Local Electricity for City of Anaheim


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ABB's new 69kV turnkey Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) switchyard provides Anaheim's peak power demands with greater reliability and cleaner energy through local generating resources.

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, today announced the dedication of the Canyon Power 69kV GIS Switchyard, a major new turnkey GIS project that now provides unprecedented levels of local electricity for the City of Anaheim, California. This GIS switchyard interconnects the new 200MW natural gas-powered Canyon Power Project in Southern California to the City of Anaheim's electrical system. The project now provides up to 150,000 residential customers with additional local electricity to meet Anaheim's peak demands, particularly during its hot summer months. The switchyard will also upgrade local electric system reliability, reduce Anaheim's reliance on out-of-state power resources, and enhance the City's ability to provide cleaner energy to its customers. The Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) provided financing, the City of Anaheim provided project management, and ABB provided the project on a turnkey basis including all engineering, equipment and construction labor to design, build, test and commission the switchyard. "ABB's reputation for building reliable GIS switchyards, along with its approach to project management and its technical expertise were all critical factors in our selection of ABB for this project," said Marcie Edwards, General Manager of Anaheim Public Utilities. "We are pleased with the ABB team's focus on safety and quality, and their spirit of cooperation and teamwork. ABB is helping to meet Anaheim's growing power demands that will energize our city with reliable, local power for years to come. This is ABB's third substation project for us and this continues the strong track record they established on the Vermont and Lewis substation projects." The City of Anaheim specified GIS on this project because of the small space available for the switchyard, together with the higher reliability and lower operating and maintenance costs associated with GIS equipment. This GIS switchyard is also completely enclosed, due to the low incremental cost of doing so and the ability to make it completely immune to local environmental conditions. "This is the third major project we've completed with the City of Anaheim," said David Hewett, Senior Vice President of ABB's North American Substations business. "We have achieved a level of collaboration and synergy with Anaheim where we've been able to proactively minimize changes, drive down project costs and deliver this project ahead of schedule." ABB is the world's leading supplier of power switchyard and substation projects, delivering more than 5,500 installations rated up to 1100kV since 1900.