AC Power Converters Include Active Power Factor Correction



OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada – GaN Systems announces a strategic partnership with Aveox to significantly reduce the size and weight of their 3-phase AC power converters with Active Power Factor Correction (APFC). This partnership enables the development of the world’s most power-dense, Aerospace-Compliant power conversion modules for a wide variety of cockpit, galley and cabin equipment that utilizes 3 Phase power.  

Aveox’s high-efficiency power conversion modules for aerospace and defense systems are quickly becoming the go-to replacement for legacy Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs) around the world. GaN Systems’ power devices allow the modules to be more than five times smaller than conventional units using silicon technology. GaN switches have very low losses which enable an efficiency of >97%, significantly reducing the amount of heat generated. Using compact GaNpx bottom-cooled devices, Aveox was able to combine both the semiconductor switches and surface-mounted magnetics onto a single Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) board, making the converter smaller than before possible. 

By leveraging GaN Systems and the features of GaN, Aveox delivers:

  • World’s smallest 3-Phase APFC Modules for Defense and Aerospace Applications
  • Industry’s Highest Power Density of 10 KW/Kg
  • Compliance with stringent RTCA DO-160 power quality requirements
  • “Simple electronics” architecture as defined per DO-254 and ABD Sec 1.8 which reduces certification costs
  • Higher power than a silicon-based system in a smaller footprint
  • Takes advantage of GaN System’s robust solutions showcasing its unique technology approach and packaging, which allows faster switching, high current and high yields, ultralow inductance, and small size

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