ACAL Technology Samples New Amphenol Terrapin Connectors for Military Communications



ACAL Technology announces new rugged miniature circular connectors, from Amphenol, which introduce new features to reduce cost and improve reliability in military communications applications. Manufactured in brass base-metal, Terrapin connectors are crush-resistant and feature IP68 sealing on both halves, to prevent contamination by water or dirt when mated and unmated or with over-moulding; the 2000+ mating cycle is four times greater than MIL-C standard bayonet and thread coupling connectors; whilst black silver-plating provides superior EMC performance as well as a low-lustre, non-reflective finish which is salt-spray resistant for 1000 hours. Five keying options prevent mis-mating and the same plug can mate to either a latch or snatch receptacle. The connectors are compatible with Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0. Emma Hatton, Amphenol Product Manager, ACAL explains; "The competitive price and one-piece design of the Terrapin connectors will help OEMs to reduce both unit cost and assembly costs when using Terrapin connectors to replace more costly alternatives with the same contact pitch and board cutout." With extensive experience in the military sector, ACAL will offer specialist design support for designers using Terrapin to replace traditional connectors in existing applications. As an authorised Amphenol assembling distributor for almost 50 years, ACAL Technology's extensive value-add support includes in-house UK assembly from a £1-million piece-part inventory, with no minimum order quantity, and certification to a range of MIL-DTL, BS, CECC and JN standards. Amphenol Terrapin connectors are sampling now from ACAL, please visit us at for more information.