Active-Semi unveils medium-power wireless power solution for tablets and laptops



Active-Semi announced the availability of Qi-compatible medium power (MP) wireless charging solutions based on PAC5220 Power Application Controller (PAC) IC for powering smart phones, mobile devices and tablets. This announcement comes as a follow-up to previously released Qi-certified A11 and A6 Wireless transmitter solutions offering the industry’s highest efficiency with the smallest system footprint and BOM owing to the PAC5220 single-IC based architecture. The latest MP solution includes transmitter development platform along with a compatible receiver that further empowers customers to extend power levels needed for higher capacity devices and for quick battery charging.

“Our customers value the capability to scale wireless charging to higher power levels as it secures their investments for future emerging opportunities,” says Mark Cieri, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Active-Semi. “With the addition of the new medium power solutions with ActiveCharge™, our 15W solution offers a complete platform solution that is scalable, configurable, and now spanning smart phones to tablets and even laptops.”

Active-Semi’s 15W MP wireless power transmitter is based on PAC5220 IC and is scalable to offer 65W+ transmitter power. PAC5220 IC, evaluation kits for WPC A11 and A6 solutions are in production now. Active-Semi is presently engaged with key customers for the MP solution and expects general availability in February that will include complete evaluation kits, reference design and software to enable fast prototyping and time-to-market.