Adaptive Power Systems introduces CGS100 Series AC and DC Power Sources


New models cover wide range of AC or DC test applications.

Adaptive Power Systems Inc. (APS) is introducing four new, single phase AC or DC output power sources for AC and DC applications. These new products address a wide range of product development and test applications. Four models at power levels of 500VA, 1250VA, 2000VA and 4000VA are available. Output voltage is up to 310Vac in AC mode for all models. A constant power mode allows more current to be drawn at lower voltage to extend the useable range of these power sources. Programmable output frequency range is 40Hz through 500 Hz which covers both commercial and industrial as well as avionics and defense applications.

Dual voltage ranges support load currents of up to 40 Arms on the CGS140 4000VA model.

In DC mode, 60% of power is available using voltage ranges of 420Vdc in high range and 210Vdc in low range. Maximum DC current is 24Adc on the 4000VA GCS140 model.

The ability to have both AC and DC output increases the flexibility and usefulness of the CGS100 series. All CGS100 Series model are available now.

All models share an easy to use menu driven front panel user interface using a large color LCD screen. Settings can be entered using a decimal keypad or slewed by rotating the centrally located shuttle knob. A full complement of voltage, current and power measurements is supported as well as power factor, crest factor and peak current.

Units up to 2000VA require only 2U (3.5”) of rack space while the 4000VA CGS140 takes up 4U (7”) or rack space.

Standard remote control interfaces are USB and LAN while RS232 or GPIB are available options. The CGS100 also come equipped with a PLC interface for factory test applications.

Product information is available here