ADI Blackfin processors power Siemens smart meters



At European Utility Week, Analog Devices is showing the Siemens Automated Metering and Information System (AMIS) with CX1 powerline communication. The meters are powered by Blackfin processors, delivering an optimal balance between performance, peripheral integration and price, and are well suited for cost sensitive applications.

Designed for the special needs of intelligent power supply networks, the Siemens meters ensure quality data transmission from the digital meters to the power supply company. The CX1 distribution line carrier (DLC) standard is a communications protocol developed by Siemens and based on spread spectrum modulation, in which multiple frequencies within the same frequency band are used simultaneously to transmit a single signal. As a result, the interference which often occurs at certain frequencies has only a negligible effect on signal transmission. Through automatic routing of the communications links, the communications protocol can handle any change in the physical communication parameters of a low-voltage power supply grid.

Blackfin key features:
Blackfin processors are designed specifically to meet the computational demands and power constraints of today's applications. They offer system designers a range of benefits, including:
· High-performance signal processing and efficient control processing capability enabling a variety of new markets and applications.
· Dynamic Power Management (DPM) enabling the system designer to specifically tailor the device power consumption profile to the end system requirements.
· Easy to use mixed 16-/32-bit Instruction Set Architecture and development tool suite ensuring that product development time is minimized.

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