ALD dual EPAD MOSFET arrays expand dynamic current range to eight orders of magnitude



Advanced Linear Devices (ALD), a leader in innovative analog semiconductors, announced an industry breakthrough in small signal, low power Dual MOSFET devices by expanding dynamic current range to over eight orders of magnitude, believed to be more than any existing or previous MOSFET generations. With the introduction of Dual High Drive EPAD Zero Threshold Matched Pair, ALD provides circuit builders unprecedented flexibility to extend the operating range for sensor arrays, energy harvesting systems, low-power mobile devices and many other general purpose applications. The ALD212900A/ALD212900 is a family of dual high-precision monolithic N-Channel MOSFET arrays in an 8-pin SOI package with, an unprecedented capability never before offered. Featuring Zero-Threshold™ Voltage, the devices establish new industry benchmarks for forward transconductance, output conductance and drive. Designed with ALD's proven EPAD™ CMOS technology, the arrays allow circuit designers to develop circuits never before possible in applications requiring low-voltage operation and minimal board space. From a few nanoamps to tens of milliamps, the dynamic range offered by these devices is unprecedented. Device features: • Greater than 100,000,000:1 operating current ranges • DC current gain at a drain output current of 30mA and input current of 300pA equals 100,000,000 or eight orders of magnitude. • High input impedance of 2.5 x 1010? • High DC current gain >108 "This new family of Dual EPAD MOSFET Arrays provides a unique combination of operating parameters such as high precision, zero gate threshold, wide dynamic range and high drive that was never before possible," said Robert Chao, President and CEO of ALD Inc. "Many applications, like sensor arrays, will greatly benefit from a wider range of operation that these devices support. For example, if a developer building high-end audio headset systems that closely match wide sensitivity of the human ear would be thwarted with conventional linear devices. If the desire is to accurately reproduce the wide range of sound levels between the faintest pin drop and the loudest boom, the dynamic range and high drive of these new devices is required." Ideally suited for low-voltage and small signal applications, the ALD212900/212900A are capable working in sub-threshold regions with <5nA of operating supply currents while delivering higher output drive currents (typ.>50mA). The ALD212900A/ALD212900 MOSFETs are designed for exceptional device electrical characteristics matching with the gate threshold voltage VGS(th) set precisely at +0.00 V +0.01 V, featuring a typical offset voltage of only 0.001 V (1m V). Serving as versatile design components for a broad range of analog applications, these devices are basic building blocks for current sources, differential amplifier input stages, transmission gates, and multiplexer applications. These devices also excel in limited operating voltage applications such as very low level voltage-clamps and nano-power normally-on circuits. When the gate voltage of ALD212900A/ALD212900 is set at 0.00 V, the drain current is +20 μA @ VDS = 0.1 V, which allows a class of circuit designs with output voltage level biased at or near input voltage level without voltage level shift. These devices exhibit well controlled turn-off and sub-threshold characteristics as standard enhancement mode MOSFETs. Besides matched pair electrical characteristics, each individual MOSFET also exhibits controlled parameters, enabling tight design limits from different production batches with well-matched characteristics. These devices are designed and constructed for minimum offset voltage and differential thermal response. They can be used for switching and amplifying applications in +0.1 V to +10 V powered systems where low input bias current, low input capacitance, and fast switching speed are desired. Advanced Linear Devices