Allegro's A3916 low-voltage bipolar stepper needs only four external components



A3916 dual DMOS full-bridge motor driver

Allegro MicroSystems Europe's A3916 low voltage bipolar stepper or dual DC motor driver IC is designed for pulse-width-modulated (PWM) control of low-voltage stepper motors or dual DC motors using just four external components, and is capable of output currents up to 1 A per channel and operating voltages from 2.7 to 15 V.

The A3916 integrates all motor control circuitry including a fixed off-time PWM regulator that sets a peak current in the motor winding based on the selection of a low-value current-sense resistor. A single supply eliminates the need for an external low-dropout regulator, and the integrated charge pump requires only one external capacitor. Output diagnostics are provided by an active low fault output that notifies the user of a Thermal Shutdown (TSD) or overcurrent protection event.

The new device is targeted at applications that run off single, Li-ion cell or 3 AA batteries, including office and industrial automation systems, point-of-sale equipment, 3D printers, medical, CCTV and the toy market.

Two package options are offered: a low-profile 3 × 3 mm 16-terminal QFN (suffix ES) and a drop-in replacement for the A3916 in a low-profile 4 × 4 mm 20-terminal QFN (suffixes ES and -1). Both products have an exposed power tab for enhanced thermal dissipation.

A3916 dual DMOS full-bridge motor driver data sheet

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