Alpha and Omega Semiconductor expands its 600V AlphaMOS portfolio with rugged solutions for lighting



600V AlphaMOS MOSFET for lighting apps

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, a designer, developer, and supplier of power semiconductors and power ICs announced the release of their AOD4C60, AOD3C60, and AOD2HC60, additions to the 600V AlphaMOS portfolio, which combines features such as robustness, controlled switching and low on-resistance for high-performing devices. These products are well-suited for commercial and industrial CFL ballasting as well as LED lighting for residential and commercial applications.

These devices are built using proprietary AlphaMOS technology, designed for efficient switching and dependable reliability. The device structure of these solutions allows for a smooth dv/dt and di/dt transition during hard switching, thereby reducing the ringing typically experienced with other superjunction-type devices. Furthermore, these devices offer 3x the avalanche current capability versus comparable superjunction solutions and enables power circuits to outlast fault conditions such as power line surges and lighting surges. These solutions are available in 4A, 3A, and 2.5A varieties in the DPAK green package and are 100% Rg and UIS tested.

“As builders and homeowners move towards replacing conventional lighting fixtures with LED lighting, there is an ever increasing need for power solutions that are robust and efficient.” said Stephen Chang, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at AOS. “Our newest 600VAlphaMOS additions offer excellent avalanche ratings in addition to smooth switching performance to meet these power requirements.”

AOD4C60 Technical Highlights
-600V N-channel MOSFET
- ID=4A
- RDS(ON) < 0.95 Ohms max at VGS = 10V

AOD3C60 Technical Highlights
- 600V N-channel MOSFET
- ID=3A
-RDS(ON) < 1.4 Ohms max at VGS = 10V
-Qg (10V) = 10.3 nC typ

AOD2HC60 Technical Highlights
-600V N-channel MOSFET
-ID = 2.5A
-RDS(ON) < 2 mOhms max at VGS = 10V
-COSS =23pFtyp
-Qg (10V) = 7.6 nC typ

Pricing and Availability
The AOD4C60, AOD3C60, and AOD2HC60 are immediately available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12-14 weeks. The unit prices for 10,000 pieces of each device are $0.53, $0.43, and $0.31 respectively.

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