ALPS Develops "SPVQ8 Series" Compact Type Sliding Contact Detector Switch



ALPS ELECTRIC has created the world's smallest*1 waterproof type detector switch, the "SPVQ8 Series", for detecting mechanism operation in automotive and home appliances. Sample shipments commenced in September of this year. Demand for electronic control in vehicles is increasing as the automobile industry seeks improvement in safety, comfort and convenience. Such applications include detecting the open/close status of doors and trunks, as well as door lock/unlock positions, giving rise to the adoption of waterproof type detector switches. Furthermore, in the automobile and home appliance fields, units that involve detection are getting smaller and lighter, requiring their integrated parts to maintain conventional performance in a smaller size. The SPVQ8 Series achieves a 50% reduction in volume (body size: W 8.3mm X D 5.3mm X H 6.5mm), compared to the conventional product (SPVQ3 Series: W 13.0mm X D 5.8mm X H 8.35mm) and was developed for a wide variety of purposes including those subject to use around water. In addition, by applying Alps' unique precision processing technology, we have achieved a "clip type" product which clips the fixed contacts from both sides. This two-sided sliding contact structure is resistant to particles, dust, vibration, and impact, ensuring reliable contact. The switch's water and dust resistance is compliant with IP67*2. Furthermore, the product maintains an overstroke of 2mm from the ON position. Also, the strengthened knob area supports diagonal pressing at a maximum of 40 degrees. These features enable a smaller detector unit area and contribute to freedom in application design. The SPVQ8 Series is available in 300,000 or 1,000,000 cycle operating life versions, with a wide variety of 36 types available based on the variations below:

  • Configuration of guide bosses (boss-less, single-sided or dual-sided boss)
  • Configuration of terminal (print terminal, angled terminal and lead terminal*4)
  • Output (normal open and normal close*5)
  • Operating life (300,000 cycles and 1,000,000 cycles)
Features A waterproof type detector switch that is 50% more compact than the conventional product . 1. Sliding contact structure ensures reliable contact 2. 2mm overstroke assured 3. Supports diagonal pressing at a maximum of 40 degrees 4. Wide variety of selections in boss and terminal configuration, output and operating life 5. Water and dust resistance complies with IP67 Principal Applications Open/close and position detection in doors, trunks and hoods for automobiles Detecting mechanism operation in home electronics, appliances and household equipment Specifications Download press release including table of specifications For more information on the new product please visit