ALPS Introduces the "Wide Sweet Spot", Compact and Low-Profile "SKSH Series" TACT Switch



ALPS ELECTRIC has developed its new "SKSH Series", a compact, low-profile TACT Switch suitable for portable devices such as mobile phones and audio players.

As these types of devices become smaller and thinner, demand is increasing for smaller and thinner electronic components to be used inside. However, compact size is not the only request from device manufacturers. Switches for example, require aspects such as ease of integration into the final product, and secure operation feel. To answer these requirements, ALPS has applied its technology in thin wall molding, precision press, and automatic assembly acquired over the years for the "SKSH Series" TACT Switch™ (W 3.3mm x D 2.9mm), achieving a 30% smaller implementation area compared to the conventional "SKRW Series" (3.7mm x 3.7mm) with the same 0.7mm diameter operational range (sweet spot) as conventional products. Metal contacts (metallic board springs) are utilized in ALPS' TACT Switch™. Diminishing the switch body normally results in downsizing of the metal contact itself, reducing the switch's operational range. This makes implementation design more difficult, decreasing the switch's available mounting space in the final product and necessitating higher accuracy during installation. However, with the SKSH Series, ALPS applied its simulation technology to develop a new metal contact with a pressed microscopic doughnut-type extrusion, enabling a wide operational range despite its compact size. Furthermore, to improve contact reliability, a partitioned construction has been added to the fixed contact area. This ensures stable contact by increasing contact points while allowing dust and foreign substance to flow into the separated slit area.

  • Development of a smaller sized TACT Switch™, ensuring the same operational range as conventional products:
  • New metal contact achieves a 0.7mm diameter operational range with compact size
  • 30% reduction in size, compared to conventional ALPS products
  • Ensures highly reliable contact
  • Supports reflow soldering

Compact portable devices such as mobile phones and portable audio players Digital cameras, digital camcorders, electronic dictionaries and laptop PCs For more information on the new product please visit