Amantys and Fuji Electric partner for applications in wind, solar and industrial



Amantys and Fuji Electric announced at PCIM 2013 the launch of two Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) Gate Drivers for High Power 2-pack modules. The AP12BA2A and AP17BA2A gate drives operate at 1200V and 1700V respectively and current ratings from 450A to 1400A. The Amantys IGBT gate drivers include the Amantys Power Insight condition monitoring hardware and software subsystem to observe and report critical power switching characteristics. Building on the philosophy of "Power Simplified by Design", the Amantys Power Drives for High Power 2-Pack are fully integrated and, along with several other key parameters, also measure and export the temperature of the High Power 2-Pack baseplate thermistor; Insight reuses the existing PWM and fault interface, greatly simplifying the design in process. Commenting on this announcement, Fuji Electric's European General Manager Maki Miyamoto said "This product launch builds on the significant success we have achieved with the Fuji Electric range of High Power IGBT Modules especially in high end applications." He went on to add "Amantys Power Insight monitoring means that customers can now observe and tune system performance in each stage of development, as well as through equipment commissioning and into operation. We believe Amantys Power Insight gives the power equipment manufacturer a platform to enhance system efficiency and reliability." Karen Oddey, CEO at Amantys, commented "In cooperating with Fuji Electric, it has become clear that our two companies have a shared vision to improve the reliability of high power electronics systems." She went on to add, "By providing increased visibility of the switching process, Amantys Power Insight will enhance system availability in applications such as wind turbine inverters, grid tie PV inverters and motor drives." Amantys Fuji Electric