Analog Devices Introduces Two Highly Accurate, Dual-Supply Supervisory ICs for Monitoring Microprocessors and FPGAs



Analog Devices, Inc. introduces the ADM6305 and ADM6306 dual-voltage supervisors that provide high-voltage threshold accuracy of 1.2 percent for monitoring low-voltage core rails. These new supervisory ICs are designed to monitor two supplies, provide a reset signal to digital processor-based systems and are ideal for dual supply processors and FPGAs. Available in a space saving 1.7 mm x 3.0 mm SOT package, the new ADM6305 and ADM6306 expand ADI's portfolio into the widest portfolio of high-accuracy multi-voltage supervisors/monitors available. Featuring two adjustable, resistor-programmable, under-voltage reset inputs of 0.4V and 1.23V, the ADM6305 and ADM6306 can monitor supplies of less than 1.2 V when the threshold is set at 0.4V. When a monitored power supply voltage falls below the minimum voltage threshold, a single, active low output triggers a system reset. Once all voltages rise above the selected threshold level, the reset signal remains low for the reset timeout period. Four reset timeout options of 1 ms (milliseconds), 20ms, 140ms and 1.12 seconds are also provided. The ADM6305 and ADM6306 are available in a 5-lead SOT-23 package and are specified over a temperature range of ?40°C to +85°C. "Each device's high threshold accuracy of 1.2 percent allows very accurate monitoring of low voltage core rails," said Nigel Brooke, product marketing manager, Power Management Technology Group, Analog Devices. "When this is compared to the 2.4 percent accuracy specified for the nearest alternative supervisors, the ADM6305 and ADM6306 are the most accurate microprocessor supervisors available." Key Features and Benefits

  • Two adjustable input threshold voltage options provide design flexibility:
  • 0.4V (1.2% accurate)
  • 1.23V (2.4% accurate)
  • Four factory-programmed reset timeout delays: 1ms, 20ms, 140ms and 1.12 seconds provide additional design flexibility
  • Low power consumption of 8?A (typical) benefits portable device designs
  • Small 1.7mm x 3.0mm 5-lead SOT-23 package reduces board space
  • Optional pre-trimmed Vcc threshold increments between 2.5 V and 5 V provide additional design flexibility
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