APEC 2021: Infineon solutions from silicon to wide bandgap


Infineon will highlight the industry’s broadest range of power management solutions during the 2021 APEC Virtual Conference and Exposition from 14-17 June.

With a device portfolio that spans silicon and wide bandgap (WBG) devices, engineers look to Infineon for solutions that balance performance, efficiency, reliability and cost. Infineon’s power solutions set the pace for innovations that make life easier, safer and greener.


Products, demonstrations and design aids featured in the Infineon virtual exhibit illustrate how the company’s product-to-system expertise in power management enables engineers to balance operating specs and application requirements. It helps to optimize for higher power density, smaller size and improved performance. The virtual exhibit is organized around application and product groups, including:


Computing / data center / telecom: From computing at the device level to data centers and the telecom networks that connect all of us, Infineon power solutions are part of the backbone of our connected society.


Wide bandgap devices: SiC and GaN change the equation for power supply designs, enabling breakthroughs in efficiency, reliability and form factor. Infineon has the portfolio and application expertise to help customers integrate WBG into their designs.


USB-C power delivery: Compact, convenient and soon to be ubiquitous; USB-C is the new standard for powering and charging the devices we use every day. Infineon reference designs let customers lead market adoption.


Specialty power: With renewable energy and e-mobility solutions, ultra-low-profile supplies for consumer electronics and automotive charging systems, and the latest in efficient lighting, Infineon sets the standard in specialized power.


Industrial power and motor control: Infineon provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of discretes, modules, drivers and controllers for industrial power and motor control, from low- to high-voltage and across the price / performance spectrum. Infineon simplifies design and delivers added value with products that can integrate security and sensing for intelligent, connected power systems.

High reliability: When failure is not an option, IR HiRel, an Infineon Technologies AG company, delivers proven technologies qualified to the most rigorous specifications for aerospace applications.


Several new products will be shown for the first time during the conference, including innovative packaging to extend MOSFET performance and application-optimized gate driver devices. In addition to its APEC exhibits, Infineon again will play a large role as a contributor to the conference program.